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SECP Online Complaint Lodge

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PSX Online Complaint Lodge

PSX Online Complaint

Investor Guide Line PSX

Investor Guideline Issued by the Pakistan Stock Exchange

Investor Guide Line SECP

Investor Guide Line Issued by the Stock and Exchange & Commission Pakistan (SECP)

Investor Guide SECP (Vol I)

Investor Guide SECP (Vol II)

Complaint and Arbitration Procedure

Contact details of person designated to handle Investor Complaint

Customer Support Officer

Email ID : cc@pearlsecurities.com

Phone : 021-32461468-70

Complaint Handling and Arbitration proceedures

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



PSX - Investor Guide in English

PSX Rule Book


PSX - Investor Guide in Urdu

PSX Rule Book in Urdu


Anti-Money Laundering & KYC Policy

List of Common Terms (English)

List of Common Terms (Urdu)


Order Cancellation

Trade and Settlement Procedure

Risk Disclosure

Order Placement

Margin Requirement

Customer Grievances


Please go through the following for Disputes to be referred for Arbitration

Arbitration Process

Arbitration Regulations

Claim Form

Specimen of Undertaking to be furnished by the investor while applying for arbitration



Penal Action

Report of 1Q2024

Report of 4Q2023


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Investor Protection
How and Where to Invest


Trend Analysis
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Investor Complaints

SECP Online Complaints
PSX Online Complaints

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